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Engagement and Wedding

Congratulations on your engagement!  Planning your wedding and figuring out all the details can be equally fun and daunting.  The ideal wedding photographer knows how to capture all of those details, along with the pivotal and behind-the-scene moments, and paint them into the fabric of your larger story.  While you may not have it all figured out right now, everything is going to come together perfectly.  And you can be certain that when you choose me as your photographer, I will be there to capture it all.

Photography, especially wedding photography, is a labor of love. Not only do you have to love what you do, you have to have a passion for people. This isn’t something a wedding photographer can learn. You either have it, or you don’t.

Religious Ceremonies

There is a beauty in watching our children growing up into the world and being introduced to our faith.  The events are both exciting and sobering.  I aim to capture the emotional spectrum, the details of reverence, and the celebratory energy of those days.

As part of an interfaith family, I am intimately aware of the uniqueness to various religious ceremonies.  Raised Jewish, I am abundantly familiar with the celebration of bar and bat mitzvahs.  Having married into a devoutly Catholic family, I am also well-versed in the visuals associated with baptisms, confirmations, and communions.

Family Portraits

“The family is the nucleus of civilization.”  -Will Durant

I believe that, with all the unique features each individual possesses, the greater sum of a family takes on a distinct personality of its own.  Family portraits are not just about showing up and smiling for the camera.  It is about capturing the family’s commonalities, unique bond, and love for one another.  When creating family portraits, it is my responsibility to listen, observe, and photograph your family in a way that shows how your family ticks and how each member contributes in his and her unique way.


For me, this area of photography should actually be called Fashion and Architecture.  Fashion is not meant to be worn against a blank backdrop. My photographic style includes marrying style with space, either in synchronous or contrasting harmony.  Fashion means more than the fabric or cut or the models poses and looks.  It represents and individuals interface with the world.  In context, it helps tell a story about an individual, society, or both.  In my portfolio, you will see couture and chic in both grand halls and abandoned buildings, each to its own dramatic effect.


In addition to weddings, I have enjoyed covering my clients’ festive and corporate events.  Since the 1990s, I have experienced photographing festivals, conventions, award and retirement ceremonies, and corporate and law firm parties.  Whether it is a large event, such as DC’s Bloody Mary Festival (pictured left), or a small birthday party, I aim to capture its energy and joyousness.